Cooler Master CM Storm Quick Fire TK Review £83.89

Cooler Master CM Storm Quick Fire TK Review

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There was a long wait for this keyboard to arrive, but I can tell you it has really been worth it.

The Brown Cherry MX switches are really my cup of tea. Not as clicky as the blue switches but also not as soft as the red switches, the brown switches really hit the comfort spot for me. The Brown Cherry MX switches are also built to handle more presses than you could ever possibly manage in your life, so I expect this keyboard to last me a long time.

CoolerMaster have decided to style this with a little bit of a minimalist touch, combing many keys into one block area. Although it took me a few minutes to get used to, I have decided I like it. This little bit of styling does not sacrifice any functionality at all, unlike many other minimalist mechanical keyboards out there.

To add to the style of this keyboard each key has its own individual white LED, giving a very nice finishing look to it all. They can also be configured to be brighter or darker depending on your taste.

Overall I am very pleased with this keyboard. Its stylish in a minimalist kind of way while being as functional and comfortable as all the larger mechanical keyboards. To top it off it was also reasonably priced. A very good product for gamers, and very much a good tool for anyone who spends a lot of time clicking and tapping away in front of the computer.

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