Qpad MK-50 Review £70

Qpad MK-50 Review

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Before I start this review I must address some concerns. The QPAD keyboards now sold to those in the UK do come with the English layout so long as you buy the version sold on UK websites.

Now let us get started with the actual review! Qpad have always been one of my favourite brands despite not being the biggest or the best. They put a lot of heart and care into their products, and the MK-50 Pro is no different.

The keyboard is built with Red Cherry MX switches, meaning the keystrokes are easy, comfortable and not too loud making it a very good choice for a gaming keyboard. It has been designed with care, and with the wrist rest attached this is an incredibly comfortable keyboard. If you are looking to buy a keyboard that is comfortable, then the MK50 should really be high up on your buying list.

Although the Qpad MK-50 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard is designed specifically for gamers, the design of it does not scream and shout “gamer keyboard!” like most would (except maybe for the wrist rest!). While still being stylish and a little bit flashy, you could easily get away with having this keyboard on your office desk.

Overall I would say this is a good quality well built keyboard. If you are considering whether or not to buy an MK-50, I can tell you that for the money you are spending, you certainly won’t be let down. It may not be fancy and flashy like other more expensive gaming keyboards, but it gets the job done! Definitely in my top 5 choices for the price range.

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