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We’re Moving!

Mechboards is moving office this month. Any orders made before the 12th of June will be packed and sent. Any orders after that will be delayed until we’re settled in, which may be 1-2 weeks....

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Vortex Race 3 ISO Available Here!

We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on some of the new Vortex Race 3 ISO keyboards. However, there is very limited stock available. Currently we only have access to 10, and we’ve already sold 6. So if you’re interested in this lovely mechanical keyboard, please head on over to the shop page for it...

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IBM Model M a Detailed Review

The IBM Model M, a classic in the world of mechanical keyboards. Today IBM are one of the largest companies in the world and supplies not keyboards but cyber security, cloud computing, virtualisation and other enterprise-grade services. So why did they stop making these beasts of keyboards and move on to so called “greener pastures”? In 1984 IBM decided they needed to make a better and more cost effective keyboard to bundle with their computers. Before the Model M came the Model F, it had fewer keys and arguably a better feel. While the Model F used a capacitive PCB to actuate...

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Zalman ZM-K500 Review

Today we are reviewing a much cheaper mechanical keyboard, and one that does not use the MX switches from Cherry. However as you shall soon learn, there is no reason to count this keyboard out just because it is different! In fact it was a nice surprise. As I have already said, this keyboard is cheap. At around £37 it is by far the cheapest brand name mechanical keyboard we have ever reviewed. One of the ways to manages to be so cheap is by not using the popular Cherry MX switches, and instead choosing to use mechanical switches...

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