Author: David

DC-01 Project – Design (Part 4)

So the goal was set. To create a PCB capable of creating such an ambitious idea. Of course it’s feasible, to some degree, but at what cost? I mulled idea after idea over with Yiancar and IcC was the best option, with a passthrough system for “outer” modules, and controllers on the “inner” modules. We were able to quickly design a 60% PCB that could be connected and disconnected easily, much like a Let’s Split kit. I wanted to keep the customisation so we added TRRS jacks so you could use the 2 halves at any angle desired. We...

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GMK Led Zep is live!

GMK Led Zep is a keycap set run by in the US. MecboardsUK are proud to be EU proxy. £135 + Shipping available to all EU countries. Keycap configuration based on The TKC Layout – unmatched coverage for most of your favorite board layouts: ANSI • US-ISO • Winkeyless • 1800 • 65%/75%/96-key • FC660 • Minivan • JD40/45 • Planck/Preonic • Minorca • HHKB • Atreus/62 • more Out of every 20 orders, 1 willl receive a HungerWorks Studio Led Zep themed artisan...

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DC-01 Project – Requirements (post 3)

Touch is the most encouraging sense. The blue mould gave me tangible proof that this idea was worth pursuing. There was an abundance of layout options and customisation that was possible just by pulling apart the pieces and rearranging. I just needed to think about how they would connect and then source a PCB. The scary part. I decided to edit the blue mould to make room for a prototype PCB and/or handwired test as well as adding magnet holes so the parts would align themselves. This was quite simple to change and I had new 3d printed parts in a week or so. You can see in the images I left a 2mm wall around the edge, and left the plate to be around 2mm as well. This made room underneath for a proto PCB as well as including 5mm neodymium magnets to the connecting edges. 1 kit includes 12 magnets. This made evetrything fit together and feel really nice. This led to the video you see below and the Reddit post that followed. After creating this and getting the feedback that I did, I was able to really understand what was needed from this project. People commented on what connectors would be good, what options they’d like, if wireless was an option (still!) and I set out to create a PCB. The dreaded bit. Course I had...

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