Author: David

Incoming Stock (March 2018)

Kailh BOX Switches, Kailh BOX Heavy Switches, Kailh BOX Thick Click Switches, Kailh Speed Switches, Kailh Speed Pro Switches, Outemu Ice Purple 62g, Outemu Ice Purple 68g, Cherry Restock, Gateron Restock, ALU Cases, Genuine Cherry Stabilisers, Satan PCB’s, 75% Kits   Group Buy...

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DC-01 Project – Design (Part 4)

So the goal was set. To create a PCB capable of creating such an ambitious idea. Of course it’s feasible, to some degree, but at what cost?   I mulled idea after idea over with Yiancar and IcC was the best option, with a passthrough system for “outer” modules, and controllers on the “inner” modules.   We were able to quickly design a 60% PCB that could be connected and disconnected easily, much like a Let’s Split kit. I wanted to keep the customisation so we added TRRS jacks so you could use the 2 halves at any angle...

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