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GMK Led Zep is live!

GMK Led Zep is a keycap set run by in the US. MecboardsUK are proud to be EU proxy. £135 + Shipping available to all EU countries. Keycap configuration based on The TKC Layout – unmatched coverage for most of your favorite board layouts: ANSI • US-ISO • Winkeyless • 1800 • 65%/75%/96-key • FC660 • Minivan • JD40/45 • Planck/Preonic • Minorca • HHKB • Atreus/62 • more Out of every 20 orders, 1 willl receive a HungerWorks Studio Led Zep themed artisan...

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DC-01 Project – Requirements (post 3)

Touch is the most encouraging sense. The blue mould gave me tangible proof that this idea was worth pursuing. There was an abundance of layout options and customisation that was possible just by pulling apart the pieces and rearranging. I just needed to think about how they would connect and then source a PCB. The scary part. I decided to edit the blue mould to make room for a prototype PCB and/or handwired test as well as adding magnet holes so the parts would align themselves. This was quite simple to change and I had new 3d printed parts...

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DC-01 Project – So Many Options (Post 2)

INTRO The Keyboard. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships? Motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see. And then one day . . . I made this. Wait. I’m jumping ahead. Following on from the reddit post where I got tonnes of good feedback and design ideas, came the actual product brainstorming. What did I want to achieve with this project, and who would actually buy it? And if they did buy it, what...

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Group Buy Updates

XDA Keycaps Group Buy: All keycaps have been shipped (07/07) – If you have not received your keycaps please let us know! GMK Coniferous: All keysets have been shipped (21/07) – If you have not received your keycaps please let us know!   GMK Screw in Stabilisers: All Stabilisers have been shipped (01/08) – If you have not received your sets please let us know! ICE Switches: Stock was supposed to come in today (13/09/2017) but is held in customs for a little longer. Should have stock early next week to ship ASAP...

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Hasu GB now open! (Run by u/Ak_xf1re)

I’m running an UK groupbuy with Hasu this year, the groupbuy will end on 30th June to give Hasu plenty of time to prepare the order. The order will be collected by me from Japan in August and I’ll be looking to ship the content between 12th Sept – 14th Sept 2017 when I’m back to the UK. Invoice will come from Hasu directly after the groubuy, and I’ll invoice the delivery fee separately once I have returned to the UK. I understand this is a long wait for the group buy’s fruition but this is to ensure you...

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