Author: Reece Bithrey

Ducky Announce New One 711 Keyboard That Uses All MX Switches

Ducky a few months back announced a limited edition piece that would use all of the available MX Switches from Greens to Tactile Grey.  There are 11 different kinds of MX Switch used on the 711. Eleven. On the same board… The name is not just homage to the American petrol stations and convenience stores , but is in fact, describes the product in detail. The 711 breaks down this limited edition Ducky One as having seven different backlighting zones that are: Blue Yellow White Orange Pink Red Green. It also mentions that there are 11 different MX Switches...

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Hyper X Announce Keycap Upgrade Sets For Their Peripherals

Some gamers invest countless hours into both first-person shooters (FPS) and ‘massive online battle arena’ (MOBA) games such as Counter Strike Global Offensive & League Of Legends respectively. To please these gamers, HyperX recently launched keycap sets designed for such games. The new upgrade sets are designed for gamers to customise their keyboards to match the in-game key bindings that are set. There are two colour options avaiable: red & titanium. Both sets have a textured grip so they can be distinguished from the standard plastic caps and are coated for enhanced durabiity. HyperX wants you really to use...

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Steelseries Announce New Apex M750 With Integrated Discord Notifications

All new mechanical keyboards when they come out with have some new function that will hopefully sway the audience one way or another. A while back, CHERRY for instance with the MX Board 6.0 gave us a 1.0 millisecond response time and more recently, HyperX with their Alloy FPS keyboard gave us a unique charging USB port in the back of their product, as well as giving the community a light bar on the Hyper X Alloy ELITE. Steelseries are the latest to jump onto the proverbial bandwagon with their latest product, the Apex M750, having integrated Discord functions...

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CHERRY G80-11900 Review (Touchboard)

The CHERRY G80 line of products is of course a reliable one, having been around for many years now and since then, CHERRY has become a byword for quality in recent years. The G80-11900 is (of course) no expectation to the rule and is in-keeping with the theme of quality, coming with PBT plastic laser-etched caps for longevity, as well as two flip-out plastic feet with rubber ends, which us common on all of CHERRY’s current lines. It is noted that there are ‘deep dish’ keycaps on the F & J keys, which make it easier for a touch...

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CHERRY Announce New MX Board 5.0 on Twitter (G80-3920)

Cherry have been relatively active recently with the new MX Board 1.0 that we mentioned a few weeks ago. Since then, the official Cherry MX Twitter have ‘announced’ a special edition of its upcoming G80-3920 model, the MX Board 5.0 that will be produced for German website ‘PC Welt’ – translates to ”PC World’ . From the pictures shown and the accompanying announcement on the ‘PC Welt’ website, we can determine that much like the MX Board 6.0 that was released in 2015, the MX Board 5.0 will have an aluminum housing, along with a large detachable wrist-rest. However,...

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