Adding Underglow to the HS60 (Legacy)

by Affinity Agency

Welcome to the guide on how to add underglow to the HS60! This will require an LED strip, insulated wire, a small amount of soldering, a couple changes to the keymap, rules & config files within QMK.

The LED Strip we will be using in this guide WS2812B 1m 60 LED IP30 strip.

You can purchase a compatable strip from our website at the link below.

This will work on all variants of V3 (ANSI, ISO, HHKB)

Start up your soldering iron.

Roughly lay out how you want your LED strip to be. See image for an example of how to setup the underglow strip. Our strip is roughly 26cm, or 16 LED’s long. Make sure to cut at the copper seams. If you want, you can stick the strip down now, and solder in place. We suggest keeping it loose until you have tested the strip after soldering.

Cut roughly 3 x 10cm wire pieces.

Solder 1 wire to each breakout. 5V, A6, & Ground. Ensure there is no bridging between them. Use solid wire to help you with this (example uses stranded wire)

Match up the wires to the corresponding pads on the LED strip. Make sure to check the direction of your LED strip by looking at the small directional arrows, make sure you are connecting your A6 or A7 wire to the DIN (Data In) and not the DO (Data Out). The arrows should face away from the start of the LED strip where you are soldering. You can add solder to the copper pads, and then press the wire against it to solder them together.

Make sure the wires can sit flush against the PCB and don’t cover stabilisers holes/switch holes, or run over a hotswap socket (clearance issues.) You can use hot glue to hold down the wires

Here are the underglow files you’ll need:

Flash these using QMK Toolbox and you’ll be able to edit your layout in VIA still!
Your keymap will include a hotkeys with underglow options using these shortcuts:
FN+E – Toggle
FN+R – Mode
FN+T – Hue
FN+Y – Sat
FN+U – Brighness

Use shift to lower the settings. FN+Shift+U will lower the brightness, for example

NOTE: You cannot change these in VIA. If you remove them, you will have to reflash with the above files.

If you want to change the files manually, read on below.

Inside your QMK/Keyboards directory, create a copy of the HS60 folder just in-case something goes wrong.

Navigate to the layout you want to make changes to (For example, V2/Iso) and then add this line into the rules file.


Add the lines below to the config file. Change the pin to A6 or A7 depending which one you use on the PCB. Change the RGB_LEDNUM to the number of LEDs in the strip you are using

/*RGB Underglow Options*/

#define RGB_DI_PIN A6

#define RGBLED_NUM 12


In default or via folder (depending on whether you want to use via) add in keycodes for the RGB ungerglow to the keymap file. They can be found on this page –

Now just compile and flash it to your HS60 and it should be good to go!