HS60 Info

by Affinity Agency


HS60 V2/3 – Welcome to your HS60!

Produced by Mechboards.co.uk – Designed by Yiancar


Your PCB is flashed and ready to go! Just plug it in – no flashing, no soldering, no fiddling with settings! You can see the preset layout linked below. PLEASE DOWNLOAD VIA IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR KEYMAP! It’s super easy! Link below

Comes with a preset layout:
GitHub Page

Change layout using VIA Configurator (GUI) –
VIA Configurator
Find the latest VIA.Configurator .exe or .dmg

Also flashable using QMK


To Reset:
Hold Escape
Plug In
Release Escape

To Flash:
Hold Escape
Plug In
Flash using QMK Toolbox

If using a metal case, you may have a shorting issue due to the metal standoffs. Use tape to cover the standoffs which should help.

HHKB .bin file

ISO .bin file

ANSI .bin file

Fn + Backspace – Delete
Fn + WASD – Arrows
Fn + F,G,H,J – Saturation
Fn + Z or X – Effects
Fn + C,V,B,N – Hue
Fn + M or > – Brightness
Fn + > or ? – Effect Speed
Fn + Ctrl, Win, Alt – Audio Settings

Fn + Backspace – Delete
Fn + [;’/ – Arrows
Fn + X,C,V,B – Saturation
Fn + Q or W – Effects
Fn + E,R,T,Y – Hue
Fn + U or I – Brightness
Fn + O or P – Effect Speed
Fn + A,S,D – Audio Settings
Fn + K – Home
Fn + M – End


HS60 V1 – Welcome to your HS60!

Produced by Mechboards.co.uk – Designed by Yiancar

Exclusive Hotswappable SMD RGB LED 60% Keyboard in ANSI or ISO. Supports QMK.
Uses RGB code developed by Wilba for the Zeal60.

The PCB is fully complete, using SMD RGB LED’s, and Kailh Hotswap Sockets. Just plug in, switch up, and you’re off!

QMK Link – https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/tree/master/keyboards/hs60

Discord Help Link – https://discord.gg/pSUHeJ6

To reprogram, follow this link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RH-1pAbjvw

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR53Wo9Z960to enter the bootloader (flashing mode)Use the button on the bottom of the pcb, or with the standard keymap the reset keycode which is fn+]


If the PCB behaves abnormally or crashes/flushes at random points:
Fix 1: Try a shorter cable
Fix 2: Lower Brigthness of RGB’s.

To Reset:
Hold Escape & Space
Plug in
Release Escape & Space

Standard ANSI Layout

HS60 Ansi Layout

Standard ISO Layout

HS60 ISO Layout