Custom-built keyboards seem more prevalent by the minute with the regular group-buys of keycaps from firms like GMK (The LedZep set is my favourite) opening up numerous avenues for those who wish to customise and in some cases, build their own products.

Traditionally, the way you would get hold of these switches was either by using a ‘donor keyboard’ for instance and painstakingly remove all of the switches for you to then put onto your own PCB and then solder them, or buy individual switches at an overly inflated price. Now, however, it’s a hell of a lot easier.

CHERRY has now opened up the idea themselves by allowing budding manufacturers and enthusiasts to get hold of switches themselves in 110 switch sets, which includes MX Speed Silvers and MX Silent Blacks for the first time.

The press email sent out and the webpage states that the set will only be available for now in two variations: MX Silent Black and MX Speed Silver. This is probably to try and get people interested initially with the different types and then they’ll roll out the standard and obscurer types later on.

The set is available from various retailers that are:

  • Globally from ‘’
  • Single key sets of MX Red, Black, Blue,Brown, Clear & Green, as well as Silent Blacks and Speed Silvers are available from the above, Arrow Electronics ( and Greendich Enterprise (

The kits are available for €40 (£36) from but are not available to order just yet.

More information can be found here:

Happy Clacking!