Cherry have been relatively active recently with the new MX Board 1.0 that we mentioned a few weeks ago. Since then, the official Cherry MX Twitter have ‘announced’ a special edition of its upcoming G80-3920 model, the MX Board 5.0 that will be produced for German website ‘PC Welt’ – translates to ”PC World’ . From the pictures shown and the accompanying announcement on the ‘PC Welt’ website, we can determine that much like the MX Board 6.0 that was released in 2015, the MX Board 5.0 will have an aluminum housing, along with a large detachable wrist-rest. However, the article does state that it will come with MX Black, Blue, Brown and Red switches, but will also come with the Silent variation of the linear Red switches. Moreover, it will feature the full-anti ghosting that the MX 6.0 featured.  However, the MX Silent Red editions are ONLY available in the 17 special editions done exclusively for PC Welt. These can be won via a giveaway or at Gamescom in Cologne next month from the 23rd to 26th August.

There is very little information available in terms of pricing and availability but recent releases suggest that this could be only for the Chinese market. However, the fact that these are being raffled or given away at Gamescom suggest otherwise. More news to follow!

More news can be found here (along with the giveaway! NOTE: This page is in German and will need translating)  –,3447452