It’s not often that CHERRY release keyboards, but when they do, they like to go all-out. Today, saw the announcement of two new products to their stable – the MX Board 8.0 and MX Board 9.0 – with a combination of good and bad news for CHERRY fans.

There’s no current release date for the MX Board 8.0, but it is CHERRY’s first venture into the world of the Tenkeyless design – an 80% smaller footprint than normal keyboards – but not their first into the realms of the aluminium case. This particular model has a bright silver casing, unlike the MX Board 6.0, adjustable red backlighting and a unique adjustable foot design. The devil is always sin the detail and CHERRY have even included their logo on the end of the USB plug, showing this is really going to be a quality product. It looks as if this will be only be available with Red MX switches when it becomes available. There’s always a price to pay and in this instance it’s a fairly steep 1499Yuan (Approximately £180.00).

MX Board 9.0The MX Board 9.0, however, will be available to purchase from 19th October. This is also a first for CHERRY – the first with fully adjustable RGB backlighting in over 16 million possible colour combinations and also the first with macro keys. 15 macro keys to be precise, with 3 quick-access keys positioned to the right hand side. A multi-function integrated dial, controls brightness, light effects and volume and individual tilt-adjustment feet add to the comfort factor. Win-Key lock is standard and an additional side illumination improves the aesthetics of this serious looking keyboard. This model will be available Blue, Brown or Red MX switches and will cost 1399Yuan (Approximately £170.00).

Now for the bad part. Unfortunately for us here in Europe, neither of these fantastic looking products will be available on European shores for the foreseeable future. They are being made, according to the company, solely for the Chinese market with no plan to release them to European customers at this point in time.

Shame. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that CHERRY give us some good news at some stage!