CES 2017 is now over and CHERRY  have announced an all-new revamp of its already popular G80-3000 model by announcing a version that comes with the CHERRY MX Silent switches. These switches were exclusively licensed to Corsair for usage in their products but since the licence has since ran out, we can expect to see these switches in other boards.  These switches, as the name suggests, are quieter than the normal MX switches, with a sound level of 40 dB. They are also a slight mix of rubber dome and mechanical switches due to the fact that they use rubber pads and a different switch stem to reduce noise on the down and upward stroke. This means that the have the joy of a mechanical switch without annoying anybody in the process.

The G80-3000 is an exceedingly popular board due to its simple nature and competitive pricing, as well as the fact it comes available with any type of CHERRY switch currently around. However, the Silent version will come with the linear MX Red (45cN actuation force) and  MX Black (6ocN actuation force) Silent editions and have a hefty price tag of around £123 ($150). It features 14 N Key Rollover as well as this.  The simple look of the G80-3000 model allows its popularity to remain high and due to its durability, it will probably last you years or even decades!

People will complain about the fact that the MX Board Silent does not have all of the fancy LEDS and RGB back-lighting that other mechanical boards do contain, like that of Razer or Corsair respectively. However, this style will appeal to some I guarantee. Some people just prefer form over function.