CES has passed and once again, CHERRY have pulled the rabbit out of the hat once again. Last year saw the introduction of a revamped G80-3000; a fan-favourite in this niche little world of mechanical keyboards by some as a ‘daily driver’. This year they’ve gone the whole hog once again and designed a low-profile mechanical switch designed for usage in gaming laptops/notebooks primarily or for building unusually thin high-end keyboards.

The Low Profile RGBs have a total height of 11.9 millimeters and are about 35% shallower than the usual MX switches with the travel being reduced from 4.0 to 3.2 millimetres overall. They are fully developed in Germany and therefore are in-keeping with the usual MXs that are also built in Germany. According to CHERRY themselves, the Low Profile RGBs will offer the same operation that the conventional MXs have had for the past few decades. They have the signature Gold-Crosspoint technology that has since become a marque of reliability for CHERRY these days.The contacts are self-cleaning and resistant to corrosion, with guarantees over 50 million keystrokes with no loss of quality. This also leads to a shorter bounce time for higher switching frequencies.

The clear housing for the Low Profile RGBs are designed for use with SMD LEDs. These compact LEDs sit directly on the PCB to benefit the shallow design of the keyboard. The design of the housing has been optimised to ensure a uniform illumination of the entire key cap and to represent all 16.8 million colors of the RGB spectrum accurately.

The first variant of the Low Profile RGBs to exist on will be MX Reds. It will carry the standard 45cN actuatio force, making it the lightest of the bunch and heavily suitable for both gamers and fast typists. These look good!