Today Cherry announced their latest addition to the plethora of already known mechanical keyboards with the new MX Board 1.0 TKL. Having been around for decades now, it should come as no surprise that the MX Board 1.0 seems to tick all the boxes when looking for a new mechanical keyboard. The MX Board 1.0 is presented in a black plastic case, much like most of Cherry’s mechanical range currently and comes with all versions of the main Cherry MX Switches in the form of MX Red, Blue, Black and Brown to suit all manner of users. The TKL layout adds to the convenience aspect of the keyboard and moreover, the case itself resembles a shorter version of the case seen on ther MX Board 9.0 that was released in late 2016. However, unlike its larger brother, it doesn’t come with any macro keys and a numberpad. It does however have similar indents above the arrow keys. The keyboard comes with full N-Key Rollover and full anti-ghosting, like most of Cherry’s recent products, such as the MX Board 8.0 which can be looked on as the MX 1.0’s sister product. In terms of dimensions and weight, it measures 370 x 150 x 25 mm (WxDxH) and weighs just 730g.

The MX 1.0 also comes with white backlighting (seen in the pictures) that is complementary to the fully jet black case. However, there are two models of the MX 1.0 available:

  • G80-3810 – The version present with no backlighting.
  • G80-3811 – The version present with backlighting.

This is the only difference with the two models. Both still come with all of the usual features on the MX Board range of products. The MX 1.0 can be looked on as the alternative to the MX Board 8.0 that was released only for the Chinese market at the same time as the MX 9.0. The MX 8.0 has an open aluminum case (known as a ‘skeleton design’)with white doubleshot keycaps that are partially translucent to lety the white ligjht shine through. However, the aluminnium housing and the white keycaps are the only differences and they are purely cosmetic.

In terms of pricing and worldwide availability, Cherry haven’t shed any light on the matter but we expect it to be Chinese market only, much like the MX 8.0 and MX 9.0. More information to follow!