The Cherry Compact G84 may just sit on the edge of the “Mechanical Keyboard” category, but I still think it counts. However unlike the majority of keyboards on this site, it is not fitted with the common Cherry MX switches. The G84 is actually fitted with low profile ML mechanical switches.

This keyboard has been built for those got accustomed to the feel of a small, gentle keyboard that are based on the notebook keyboard designs. Honestly, I have never been a fan of those kinds of keyboards, but I will try to review it for the people who do.

Firstly, as you would expect, it is very small, light and a little “barebones”. It can be bought in either light grey or black, and despite the small size and lower price it seems to be of a decent quality.

Due to the switches being mechanical, it seems as though each keystroke requires a little more force than would be needed on a notebook/laptop keyboard. However I think this is a good thing. It keeps the feel of small keyboard while keeping trying to gain a level of functionality that comes with full size mechanical keyboards.

On the top of functionality, because this is a compact keyboard is obviously a little lacking due to there not being room for most keys. One of their ways around this was to shorten the space bar to allow room for more keys. Now although it takes a little while to get used to, I feel it was the right decision. With a compact keyboard a smaller space bar just makes sense, even if it means making a few errors for a couple of days.

For the size and price, this is a good keyboard for those who are into the small notebook feel. However comparing it against the mechanical keyboards I have reviewed already, it just doesn’t do well.