The CHERRY G80 line of products is of course a reliable one, having been around for many years now and since then, CHERRY has become a byword for quality in recent years. The G80-11900 is (of course) no expectation to the rule and is in-keeping with the theme of quality, coming with PBT plastic laser-etched caps for longevity, as well as two flip-out plastic feet with rubber ends, which us common on all of CHERRY’s current lines. It is noted that there are ‘deep dish’ keycaps on the F & J keys, which make it easier for a touch typist to find the Home Row.In terms of casing, the construction of the G80-3000 is somewhat cheap, compared to the likes of Filco but that takes nothing away from the overall typing experience.

Now built in the Czech Republic, along with the G80-3000 line along with others, the G80-11900 is presented in a matte finish charcoal grey plastic case and is also available is a beige type colour which CHERRY themselves call ‘light grey’. The ‘Touchboard’ is designed to be a classic looking and feeling board, the design is simple and utilitarian with the full blown 105 key layout  and is not designed to compete with the whole ‘boards designed for gamers’  segment with their flashy lights and whole plethora of macro keys.  However, unlike the G80-3000 for instance, the 11900 features a touchpad due to its space-saving nature and also due to its usage in industry, particularly in server rooms where there is not room for a mouse and in 19″ server cabinets.

The G80-11900 comes with only MX Black switches as there is no real need to supply it with the other switches in the MX Range. Moreover, they are (as always) guaranteed to 50 million+ actuations which reiterates the longevity and reliability of the product. A fixed USB cable appears from under the bottom of the board and at 1.7 metres long, there is plenty of cable for all of your needs I’m sure.  Being only for industrial purposes, the price of the G80-11900 is only available from distributors and resellers and prices vary from £105 to £150 dependent upon the retailer. It is available in all layouts on request from these firms.

The only little issue I have with the Touchboard is the movement of the Nav cluster, which is now above the main keyboard itself., as opposed to being on the side in a normal, full-size layout, This is a little annoying, but it is only a personal issue. I’m sure that I could get used to it if the keyboard was used for a prolonged period of time.

Overall, the G80-11900 Touchboard is a great product with a good utilitarian nature that is fit for purpose and reliable. It ticks all the boxes certainly in my books and is as expected, a standard CHERRY product that will last for many years.