The CHERRY G80 line of products is of course a reliable one and the ever popular G80-3000 is no exception to the rule. Designed to be a classic looking and feeling board, the design is simple and utilitarian with the full blown 105 key layout  and is not designed to compete with the whole ‘boards designed for gamers’  segment with their flashy lights and whole plethora of macro keys. It is of course designed for the general office worker or developer.

Now built in the Czech Republic, the G80-3000 is presented in a matte finish charcoal grey plastic case and is also available is a beige type colour which CHERRY themselves call ‘light grey’. The keys are comfortable on the fingertips and feel like slightly waxy wallpaper, meaning that they are smooth and easy to type on. The letters are also laser-etched for the purposes of longevity and it is noted that there are ‘deep dish’ keycaps on the F & J keys, which make it easier for a touch typist to find the Home Row.

A fixed USB cable appears from under the bottom of the board and at 1.7 metres long, there is plenty of cable for all of your needs I’m sure. In terms of quality, the construction of the G80-3000 is somewhat cheap, compared to the likes of Filco but that takes nothing away from the overall typing experience. The redeeming feature is that UK models come with a choice of  CHERRY MX Blue keyswitches (G80-3000LSCGB-2) or CHERRY MX Black (G80-3000LPCGB-2).

The G80-3000 does get kudos for the longevity of the product as CHERRY say it is guaranteed for 50 million actuations per keyswitch and also the fact it has been in production for 27 years shows that it has stood the test of time well. It had been possible to get the G80-3000 with an old PS2 connection but this is since long gone and models nowadays come with the standard USB connection but with a PS2 adapter in the box for convenience purposes. It is also reasonably priced, retailing at around £45-£60 dependent upon the retailer.

Overall, the G80-3000 is a brilliant product for the price and it’d be hard to find something that could match it in terms of quality for the price. I’d happily switch to one if I had the opportunity to 🙂