The CHERRY G84-4700 acts as a keypad attachment to any of CHERRY’s G84 series of products (the CHERRY G84-5200 for example) and is fully programmable when used in conjunction with software that can be downloaded from the CHERRY website (see here:  – Type in “G84-4700”). The software (namely “Cherry Tools”) acts as a window that can be used to map functions to certian keys, such as pressing one key on the keypad could lead the user to a certain folder on their PC and can also be used to type frequent phrases on word processors at the touch of a button.

The keypad comes as a welcome attachment to certain G84 series products and does act as an extremely useful tool when it comes to either inputting Alt key codes for instance, or opening certain folders that would usually take a long time to get to. It aids with these functions, as well as others that can be found in the Cherry Tools set of software. The top four keys of the 5700 have clear keycaps placed over the top of the normal keycaps, which can be used to place small squares of paper that denote the function that particular key. However, these can be slightly difficult to prize off of the keypad. The legends on top of the caps are laser etched, which helps to ensure that the legends are not scratched off of the caps and also helps to ensure the longevity of the product.

Much like the rest of the G84 range of products, the 4700 comes with CHERRY ML switches as opposed to my usual CHERRY MX key-switches. The main difference from that of the MX is that the ML switch is low-profile, meaning that there is a smaller stem, making the travel shorter for purposes of convenience. The ML key-switch is extremely comfortable to type on, with the heaviness of the key-switch reminiscent of that of an MX Red key-switch.  With the ML key-switch having an actuation force of 50cN and MX Reds having a force of 45cN, the switches are not too dissimilar. The only difference that I can see is that the ML’s are easier to type on, due to the shorter travel.

Also, the number of actuations for each key-switch is only 20 million as opposed to the CHERRY MX Board 3.0’s 50+ million actuations. This is a minor downside for a typist like myself, but for the average user, it doesn’t really matter.

Overall. the G84-4700 is a very good product that is very functional and user-friendly. This product combined with the “Cherry Tools” software works well with any TKL keyboard, or any board from the G84 range.