If you’ve used a mechanical board in your life, then you will have certainly heard of CHERRY and their keyboard switches. As I said in my previous review on the MX Board 3.0, CHERRY have been in the peripherals game for quite some time but the CHERRY MX Board 6.0 is the kind of ‘new kid on the block’ compared to the likes of the Razer Blackwidow line and Corsair’s K range of peripherals.


The CHERRY MX Board 6.0 is presented in a clean and sleek box, with the new logo (slightly rounded, newer font, and two cherries instead of the old three.) The two small logos in the bottom right corner of the box are ‘MX’, signifying the key-switch and ‘RK’ – RealKey technology. The usual debounce for a keyboard is 20 milliseconds, but with CHERRY’s analogue sampling technology that is present in the MX Board 6.0, the response time is only one millisecond, making it the fastest keyboard in the world. It is difficult to be able to give feedback on the ‘RK’ technology currently, as you can’t sense it at all, so my only problem is figuring if there is a 19 millisecond difference. Inside this black box is another box. This is a red box, on which there is a faint CHERRY logo, and in which contains the keyboard itself. Upon first impression, the keyboard looks the exact same as the box, clean, sleek and modern. The board comes complete with fixed braided cable, its own protective sleeve and wonderfully modelled and manufactured wrist-rest, as well as a quick guide on usage.


Onto the board itself. The MX Board 6.0 is presented in an aluminium, finger mark resistant housing, in which on the underside of the board, is a hole. This hole is used for the wrist-rest. The wrist-rest is extremely grippy, a very nice surface indeed impregnated as it is with the MX logo in a diagonal pattern. The board itself comes complete with the flagship CHERRY MX Red key-switch with an actuation force of 45 cN, or 45g of force to push the switch down. The key-switch is linear, so unlike the MX Brown or Blue, it doesn’t feature a tactile ‘click’ noise (MX Blue) or a bump halfway down the travel (MX Brown). The switch feels smooth and is optimal for gaming. Cherry themselves say that the MX Red, along with the MX Brown are the gamer’s switches as the MX Blue and MX Black are primarily used for typing. Corsair use two of the three switches (MX Red & Brown) in their keyboards but choose to use either the newly developed MX RGB switches (clear casing, 16.8 million colour backlighting) or the new MX Silent, the same key-switch, but with a reduced sound level of 40dB, making them quieter, as well as the brand new MX Speed.


The MX Board 6.0 is present with only red colour backlighting, thanks to a small red coloured LED being placed above the key-switch. The exceptions to this are the Caps Lock key, the Num Lock key, the Scroll lock key, the Windows keys and the Function (FN) key, When enabled, these will glow a bright blue colour. Much like that of the Cherry MX Board 3.0, the MX Board 6.0 has the ability to disable the Windows Keys. Instead of one of the multimedia keys being pressed along with the Ctrl key, there is a special key cap with the CHERRY logo clearly marked on it. The MX Board 6.0 does feature 100 different levels of backlighting, which can be controlled via the keys from F5 to F9. The F5 & F6 keys enables the user to control the backlighting by one level, the F7 & F8 keys control the level by 10, and the F9 key turns the backlighting on and off. Adjacent to the CHERRY key are three multimedia keys, a rewind button, a play/pause button and a fast forward button. Also, the keys from F1 to F3 control sound levels: F1 mutes the sound, F2 decreases the volume level and F3 increases the volume level. All of the ‘F key’ functions work via the keys being pressed along with the blue lit ‘Fn’ key. This I find is much less hassle than the MX Board 3.0 from a personal perspective.


The only criticism for the MX Board 6.0 is the price. However, compare it to the likes of the Corsair K70 RGB and the Razer Blackwidow Chroma, which both have a retail price of around the same, and it fits in. Otherwise, a wonderful piece of technology and the keyboard that will sit on my desk until a new model comes around!

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