CHERRY have announced their latest revision of the MX line of keyboards, the somewhat confusingly named MX Board 5.0. It is designed to follow the MX 6.0 that we have highly praised in the past on the site. These tweaks and improvements start with the change in the switch you get as standard. This has changed to the MX Silent Red, which, in hindsight, is a win-win situation, with the Reds with their light 45cN force being popular amongst gamers, as well as having an integrated dampening solution to reduce noise when bottoming out. For those who prefer a bit of a clack instead. CHERRY have confirmed that the board will be available on the standard MX Red, MX Blue and MX black variations which offer a low actuation force linear option, a tactile and extremely clicky option and a higher actuation force linear option respectively. However, the variations will only be available in the US International Layout which is rather odd indeed. On the newly released data sheet (available here: ), it now mentions that the USA International layout variations (MX Red, Blue, Black, Brown and Silent Red) will have PBT Double-Shot keycaps, whilst the German variation with only Silent Reds will have laser etched keycaps.

Another change from the MX 6.0 comes from the keycaps themselves which have an exclusively designed typeface from the German specialist Typemates. The typeface, designed by the founders Nils Thomsen and Jakob Rungen, is claimed to offer the feature that they are easily recognisable and more importantly, allow as much illumination from the keyboard’s backlighting. The keycaps themselves are claimed to be ‘abrasion-resistant‘ though CHERRY have not specified the meaning of this. We’re going to guess that it means that the keycaps are laser-etched and are (as the name suggests) resistant to abrasion and general wear & tear.

The name ‘Ergonomic’ has also been mentioned but ergo keyboard junkies will be disappointed at the lack of a split layout for instance (there’s always a G80-5000 for you :)). CHERRY’s usage of the term refers to the palmrest, which is used in conjunction with the keyboard’s retractable feet to offer eight different positions to suit both gaming and typing. The on-board includes the usual features of high-speed key recognition, full N-key rollover via USB, and anti-ghosting technology, which are staples on modern gaming keyboards these days.

In terms of pricing, CHERRY has confirmed that the MX Silent Red version is available in the European market, unlike their last few releases that have been Chinese Market exclusives (i.e. MX Board 8.0 & MX Board 9.0). The fact that this is available in the European market gives us in the UK hope! Pricing has been set at €159 (around £146). For those interested, the universal part code without all of the letter codes is ‘G80-3920’)

If you want to see the earlier post on the initial ‘subliminal’ announcement then click here:

The link will take you to the original announcement which contains a link to a competition for a limited edition of the MX Board 5.0 run by German firm PC Welt (PC World when translated).