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What controller shoud I choose?

24-Pin Contollers

Pro-Micro Atmega32u4 | QMK
Doesn't play nicely with C to C cables. Longer Profile.

Pro-Micro RP2040 | QMK

Elite-C | QMK
Premium option featuring a strong USB-C mid-mount, with extra pins and better bootloader.

Elite-Pi | QMK | KMK | CircuitPython
The controller with room for activities! Featuring an RP2040 MCU, this has much more memory for firmware features. Relatively new on the scene. Drag and drop bootloader.

Nice!Nano - ZMK
A development board with Bluetooth and onboard battery charging circuitry. Requires a 3.7v lithium rechargeable battery. Better for advanced users.

Other Contollers



Split kits will require 2 matching contollers.
Allways test your contoller before soldering it.