• Available with Cherry MX Blue, Brown and Red switches.
  • Lifespan of over 50 million keypresses
  • Compact ergonomic layout
  • Fully backlight with a choice of Blue, White or Red LEDs
  • Backlight has 5 different brightness levels and 3 modes
  • Detachable USB connector
  • NKRO for unlimited simultaneous keypresses
  • Blue steel backplate for increase durability
  • 7 multimedia keys
  • Windows key can be disabled
  • Extra grip on pads and rubber feet for more grip


Cooler Master CM Storm Quick Fire TK Review

This mechanical keyboard as been a pleasure to review. If I had to sum it up in a few words, I would say “durable”, “variety” and “minimalist beauty”. However, since I don’t have to sum it up in a few words, allow me to elaborate!

We purchased this keyboard with the Cherry MX Brown switches, which were perfect for what we intended the keyboard to do. A balance between gaming and work, the keyboard and switches do the job well. However since it is available also with Blue and Red switches, no matter what your needs or tastes, there is a version of this keyboard right for you.

As with all CoolerMaster products, it has great build quality, is incredibly durable, and is in its own way, very beautiful. With a “Blue steel backplate”, you won’t be breaking this keyboard anytime soon. It has a great weight and feel to it, unlike other mechboards which can feel a bit flimsy. As for the style of the keyboard, they have gone for a minimalist feel, which suits the physical qualities of the product very well. This will look great at home or at work. To add to the look, it is also available with 3 different color LED backlights. Blue, White or Red. They all look great, and they are all come with a decent level of customisation. I must also point out that the backplate is made and coloured in a way to help reflech the LEDs, giving them a much more vivid and striking glow, which is in my opinion a great improvement over other LED backlighted keyboards.

This keyboard is a great “all rounder”. It will handle anything you need it for. It will handle it with style and grace, and it will do so for a long time to come. The only one possible downside to this product is that people may be hesitant to pay the price tag for keyboard that isn’t full sized. However in my opinion, if this is a product you want, it is absolutely worth every penny. All of this is just another reason why CoolerMaster is quickly becoming one of my favourite manufacturers.