Renowned the world over for their innovation,  Coolermaster have always been a key player in terms of computer components, besides also delving into other product areas, such as keyboards and mice. The ever-popular Masterkeys range is about to be updated with some new models for the S & L Lines (The S is the useful and space-saving tenkeyless model, whilst the L is the full-blown 104 key ANSI layout). The new models feature PBT keycaps as opposed to the older keycaps which used ABS keycaps. The difference is that the PBT caps are doubly thick by comparison which aids with superior durability compared to ABS a more solid feel, and a higher level of response in switches (according to the Coolermaster Website). It results in a cap that will not wear for many years to come and is not susceptible to extensive wear and tear, as ABS caps would be.

The new models come with the classic line of CHERRY MX Black, Red, Brown and Blue, but also comes with a current staple in their fleet, the MX Green, a slightly heavier version of the MX Blue keyswitch. They also come with the MX Speed Silver which was exclusive to Corsair up until a few weeks ago. Coolermaster have now taken advantage of this and added it to the new Masterkeys S & L models which are released at the end of June.  The usage of a wide range of switches means that it is open to anybody to choose their preferred switch and means that they can appeal to all kinds of typists, linear or tactile!

They are relatively reasonably priced as well; the Masterkeys S PBT will be £79.99 and the Masterkeys L PBT will be £89.99, These prices are reflective of the quality of the product and the tenkeyless layout is becoming increasingly popular amongst gamers for its space-saving nature. Compared to Razer for instance, Coolermaster are appealing to a more civilised audience with the non-backlit version of the Masterkeys S for instance. There are still RGB backlit versions available but not of the PBT cap variety. The new models also come with fully programmable keys that allow you to bind particular keys on-the-fly.  This again appeals to gamers alike and certainly those who play the FPS style of games such as CSGO.  There’s also a nifty 1.5  metre braided detachable micro USB cable included, along with a 2 year warranty.

In summary, the new Masterkeys S & L models are a great addition to an already varied and fantastic fleet of products. They set themselves apart from other Coolermaster models as well as just other mechanical keyboards in general. Even just looking at them makes me want to buy one….