Exciting news Mechanical Keyboard fans. Corsair will be debuting the first ever mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX RGB mechanical switches at the CES 2014.

What does all that mean exactly? Well the it means that each key of this keyboard will be backlit with a choice of 16.8million colours.

This collaboration between the two giants Corsair and Cherry Corp is shaping up to be creating a very fun and interesting product.

Video courtesy of LinusTechTips

To top it all off, from what we have seen it will come with a very nice bit of software that should enable people to create lots of nice little programs allowing the colors to change in real time. We don’t know the power of this software yet, but you can expect to see things like audio levels visualised on your keyboard, or colour changes expanding out from each keystroke, or hopefully even colour changes influenced from things happening in game. Imagine having your keyboard colours changing to things like health, speed or even APM.

I am certainly very excited to see how this turns out and will be keeping a close eye on it.