The true name of this product is the “Corsair CH-9000040-UK Vengeance K65 Compact Performance Gaming Mechanical Keyboard” but for obvious reasons, I will be calling it the K65 for short.

The first feature to talk about with the K65 is the raised key feature. Rather than sinking the keys and switches into the keyboard, they build them up off the base. It adds a nice effect and honestly, does not change much about how the keyboard functions.

It is a compact keyboard so features the “Ten Key Less” layout. Although it results in a very small reduction of functionality it does add a lot to the style and makes it easy to travel with. It is also very light for your standard mechanical keyboard, which is a big bonus to me as I would be using it to travel and I imagine most people who purchase this would be looking to do the same.

It is designed for gaming and therefore uses the Cherry MX Red switches, although the design allows it to be used in all scenarios, even in the office.

For the price it is a really good keyboard, and would probably be one of my top picks for a recommendation for a good first timer mechanical keyboard. The quality, ease of use, ability to travel and be stored away combined with the incredibly reasonable price makes this a very attractive product for the first time buyer, and even a good keyboard for even the most season mechanical keyboard enthusiast.