• Cherry MX Blue mechanical key switches with gold contacts
  • Blank key caps
  • Blue LEDs
  • Full n-key rollover
  • USB to PS/2 adapter included
  • New 104 key layout
  • Two port USB hub
  • 2m long USB cable
  • Dimensions: 46.7cm x 16.5cm x 2.5cm
  • Weight: 1.36kg

Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate Review

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, you don’t get much higher in quality than a Das Keyboard. This Das Keyboard is a dream to type on and I am excited to finally write my review on it.

So the first thing I need to talk about is the blank keys. I love it, I really do. But to anyone who isn’t a touch typist you may get a bit lost and confused with this keyboard. While perfect for those who love to type, it is not such a good choice for those who are starting to love typing. To be honest I have been touch typing for over 10 years, yet finally having a keyboard without any key inscriptions still caused a few mistakes. However it finally forced me learn exactly where every single key was without having to look and has actually improved my typing significantly.

I guess the next thing to talk about is the way it feels to use this keyboard. There is just something special about the Das Keyboard designs. I might only be sitting in front of my computer tapping away at keys, but the Das Keyboard makes me somehow feel like I am doing something important, even when I am just slacking off from work.

I must also mention that if you want to keep people from using your computer, but want them to admire your keyboard, then this is the product for you. The blank keys scare people away from using it, but definitely get their attention when they look.

Overall this has been my favourite keyboard to use so far and I love having it, but I can see how it is not the right keyboard for some. However I think you will know beforehand if it is right for you.