Ducky a few months back announced a limited edition piece that would use all of the available MX Switches from Greens to Tactile Grey.  There are 11 different kinds of MX Switch used on the 711. Eleven. On the same board.

The name is not just homage to the American petrol stations and convenience stores , but is in fact,  a detailed description of the product in detail. The 711 breaks down this limited edition Ducky One as having seven different backlighting zones that are:

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Green.

It also mentions that there are 11 different MX Switches inside, which are Red, Black, Brown, Blue, Clear, White, Green, Speed Silver, Silent Red, Silent Black and Tactile Grey.

The different LEDS and switchs are grouped together in different places. For example, the numpad uses the clicky Blues, whilst the main keys on the board will use a lighter, linear switch that is there for ease of use.

Ducky weren’t kidding when they said it was ‘limited edition’. They said they would make 1999 of the boards for the entire world, so you best try and pick up one ASAP…

A little better luck might be had with their either ‘limited edition’ product, the Ducky Year of the Rooster keyboard. As is seemingly Ducky tradition by now, they’ve created a special Computex edition that features a handmade ceramic plate that indicates what colour MX Switch it uses.

You might have a bit more luck with these than the 711 as Ducky are producing 2017 of them. To me, that’s hardly a surprise considering that parts of them are handmade……