The Ducky Shine 3 is one of Ducky’s most popular products, often being our of stock on most retail sites, and these days a little bit difficult to come by. So this review is aimed to try and figure out what all the fuss is about.

As with most Ducky products, the design and build quality are top notch. It looks beautiful and feels very well built. From a company like Ducky I really would not expect anything less, and the Shine 3 really meets expectations. The only downside on this front is that unlike most other keyboards in the price range, it does not have programmable or macro keys, so this could be a problem for some people.

Again, as you would expect from Ducky, the Shine 3 comes with NKRO, meaning that you can press down as many keys as you like at the same time, and it will register them all. The reason I am talking about this is because, unlike where most keyboards require you to use the PS/2 port to gain this feature, the Shine 3 has NKRO through your standard USB ports, meaning you do not require a USB to PS/2 converter.

This keyboard is an average weight compared to most coming in at 2.9 pounds or 1.3kg. Obviously the tenkeyless version weighs less. Like most other Ducky keyboards, this one does not come with a built in USB hub. As for colours, there are currently 6 different colours of backlighting, 5 different colour Cherry MX switches, and all this is spread across 3 different versions of the Shine 3. Basically, no matter what your preferences, you will be able to find a combination that is perfect for you.

Overall this is a pretty nice keyboards. Built well, good looking, fun and easy to use and most of all it looks really good on your desk. It is even very nicely priced for what it is. The only real downside is it lacks a little bit in functionality, although I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t mind about that, since this is a Ducky product.