We originally bought a Cherry G80 to review (short but sweet review here – https://mechboards.co.uk/cherry-g80-review/) So we’re running this giveaway! We originally wanted to run this giveaway earlier but had other problems that stopped us from doing so.

To enter:

Make sure to Follow Mechboards on Twitter – https://twitter.com/MechBoardsUK

Retweet this tweet – https://twitter.com/MechBoardsUK/status/555165854619664384

And that’s it!

We’ve put a short deadline on this so you won’t have long to wait 🙂

The Giveaway will end on the 31st of January and the winner will be picked soon after!

Thanks all!

Mechboards – David

More info on the Cherry G80 can be found here – http://cherrycorp.com/product/g80-3000-mx-technology-keyboard/

And our Cherry G80 Gallery – https://mechboards.co.uk/cherry-g80-gallery/