This is GMK Coniferous

In partnership with Donut Cables from the US. MechboardsUK is the EU/Europe Proxy for this GB.

The set is priced at £130 with an MOQ of 150 units and will drop to £115 if 250 units are reached. The set will be shipped in GMK’s trays and will cost from £12-£20 for tracked and insured shipping within Europe. More precise shipping estimates will be given when I send out invoices. Included in that shipping price is £2 materials cost for packing, labels, and boxes themselves. For those in the Eastern part of the globe, Donut is working with someone on running the buy from China, which I hope will improve accessibility and keep shipping costs the lowest they can be.
For anyone in the US, please go here –

This buy will run until Feb 28th, at which point I will send out all invoices. After all invoices are collected, mass payment will be sent to GMK and the 10-12 week production will start. Around late May/early June the order should be shipped to me, and upon receipt I will be putting other projects(cables, gatistotles) on hold and go through the process of inspecting each set for damage/mistakes, send confirmation emails to each buyer to confirm their PayPal shipping address is up to date, then package and ship all sets. In the event of damage or mistakes to individual sets, I will be buying approximately 1 extra set per 10 orders to have on hand to replace those damaged or wrong sets. In the event of large scale mistakes or damage, I will then have to contact GMK to come to a solution.

Here’s to hoping that we reach the 250 MOQ, and maybe even get GMK to lower their price more! Feel free to send me any questions you may have and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.

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