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Adding Underglow to the HS60

Welcome to the guide on how to add underglow to the HS60! This will require an LED strip, insulated wire, a small amount of soldering, and a couple changes to the keymap, rules & config files within QMK. The LED Strip we will be using is a WS2812B 1m 60 LED IP30 strip.Purchase here – […]

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How To Build Our GH60

HOW TO PROGRAM AND PREPARE A GH60 ISO KEYBOARD FROM MECHBOARDS.CO.UKTAILORED FOR WINDOWS OS AND GH60 ISO WHAT YOU WILL NEED =============1 x MechBoards GH60 satan kit1 x soldering iron 1 x appropriate soldering wire 1 x mini USB cable1 x small philips head driver(optional 1 x soldering mat) (optional 1 x solder sucker) (optional 1 x gloves and […]

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(THANK YOU SO MUCH TO HTTPS://TWITTER.COM/EDDIBLE FOR THIS GUIDE!) The KC60 and Satan boards, handily, have seen a lot of support from the community and so flashing them is a fairly easy process. This guide will go through flashing the QMK firmware to either a KC60 or Satan board. I’ve used QMK as it offers the most […]

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HS60 Info

HS60 V2/3 INFORMATION HS60 V2/3 – Welcome to your HS60! Produced by – Designed by Yiancar Your PCB is flashed and ready to go! Just plug it in – no flashing, no soldering, no fiddling with settings! You can see the preset layout linked below. PLEASE DOWNLOAD VIA IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR […]

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MKUK4 Keypad Info

Here is a quick and easy build guide for the MKUK4 Keypad. Break apart the PCB. DO NOT CHANGE THEIR ORIENTATION. The only work one way.  Solder the diodes D1, D2, D3, D4. Make sure the line on the diodes is aligned with the lines on the pcb. Snip the excess from the diodes. Use […]

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Mechanical Switch Guide

So if you are relatively new to mechanical keyboards you will probably be looking for more information on mechanical switches, on why they are so special, how they are different from each other, and which one might be best for you. So with that in mind I have written this guide to go over the 9 most common switch types.

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Mechanical Keyboard Guide

This guide is for anyone not quite sure about something related to mechanical keyboards. Maybe you are new to the whole subject and just want some guidance? Or maybe you have had your eyes on mechanical keyboards for a while, and just want to learn some of the facts? Which ever it is, this is the guide for you.

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