Some gamers invest countless hours into both first-person shooters (FPS) and ‘massive online battle arena’ (MOBA) games such as Counter Strike Global Offensive & League Of Legends respectively. To please these gamers, HyperX recently launched keycap sets designed for such games. The new upgrade sets are designed for gamers to customise their keyboards to match the in-game key bindings that are set.

There are two colour options avaiable: red & titanium. Both sets have a textured grip so they can be distinguished from the standard plastic caps and are coated for enhanced durabiity. HyperX wants you really to use these kits in conjunction with their own products, but since the keycaps are MX Stem, they will be usable with pretty much any mechanical keyboard.  Interestingly, the keycap set is only for the ‘QWER’ and ‘ASDF’ keys, but also comes with a HyperX branded keycap puller. HyperX do also provide upgrade kits with both their Alloy FPS and Alloy Elite models, but these are limited to WASD and selected number keys.

The upgrade kit in either colour costs £14.99 or $16 from various retailers.