HyperX are known for their headsets, memory, mice and USB drives amongst other things. When they decidedly released a gaming keyboard in the form of the Alloy FPS last year, everyone had their doubts over how well it would do and it appears to have duly delivered with their initial efforts receiving decent write-ups from various outlets. The new Alloy Elite appears to go one better, now coming with multiple media keys, a light bar and a palm rest. Moreover, despite these great additions, it’s still remarkably priced at £119 ($109 or AUD $140), which makes it a key player in this vastly competitive market.

According to the HyperX website, the Alloy Elite only comes with the linear Cherry MX Red switch that is favoured amongst gamers due to its light and direct feel. However, only including one switch in your keyboard does not make it appealing to certain aspects of the market. This is a bit of an issue if HyperX see the Elite as being as popular as the Alloy FPS that preceded it and also came with all mainstream Cherry MX switches apart from MX Blacks.  The variation in switches that is present in the Alloy FPS might just mean that the Elite won’t be as popular.  It does however come with titanium keycaps along with the standard ones to make certain keys stand out when gaming, namely the WASD keys.

Despite this, the design of the Elite is much the same as the Alloy FPS and now features an light bar for aesthetic purposes that is now seemingly common place on keyboards such as the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum that is more expensive than this. It does look great. The keyboard does feature a 1.8 metre braided cable that is (according to TechRadar) slighly larger than the FPS’ cable, which doesn’t help its case. However, despite the little issues, the HyperX is a reasonably priced product that will go hand in hand with the newly announced HyperX Alloy RGB, the counterpart to this with 16.8 million colour backlighting. This is more likely to be appealing to the general consensus as it features loads of flashing lights that people seem to be attracted to. Nevertheless, we’re impressed by the Alloy Elite and look forward to see how it does up against Corsair and other brands!