Please Note: The keyboard in the purchase page is not the KBT Poker 2, but is the Vortex KBC Poker 3 as the KBT Poker 2 is very hard to come by these days, although the two keyboards are almost identical.

Time for us to review another 60% mechanical keyboard, this time we are giving you a run down of all the good and bad of the very popular KBT Poker 2.

So for those of you who don’t know, the KBT Poker 2 is a 60% keyboard, which means it is very small, with no function row, right side keys or a numpad. The result is a keyboard that has a simplistic beauty to it that is very easy to transport to places and back, although the lack of function keys does result in decreased functionality. However unlike the original, the Poker 2 is programmable to help the user increase the keyboards functionality with custom key mapping.

Design wise, as I have said before, the KBT Poker 2 is simplistically beautiful. There really is not much to this keyboard, but that is what makes it so attractive to most people. Minimalism at its finest. It is also a very well built keyboard and feels very sturdy. You can definitely get away with just throwing this into a backpack and carrying it where ever you want without having to worry.

It is easy to see why this keyboard is so popular. Nice to look at, comfortable to use and easy to travel with. It comes with the UK ANSI layout, and has the option of black, brown, blue and red Cherry MX switches. If you are a fan of minimalist beauty and being able to take your mechanical keyboard with you then this is definitely a product you should consider buying.