Logitech announced a new set of wireless products recently which included a new mechanical keyboard and mouse set. Personally, I don’t see the real point in a wireless mechanical product as surely the signal from keyboard to receiver will lag input every slightly and this can then slow down inputs on FPS’ such as CS:GO?….Anyway, let’s get into it……

The Logitech G613 uses ‘LIGHTSPEED’ technology to counteract the potential laggy input and states that it offers a 1 millisecond input time. Much like the ‘RK’ (RealKey) technology from the CHERRY MX Board 6.0 in 2015, it is a non-tangible item and we have no way of confirming if this software exists. In the MX Board 6.0 review I did last year, I touched upon this as an issue and it’s regurgitated in the form of the ‘LIGHTSPEED’ technology.

Much like its wired mechanical counterparts, the Logitech G613 use ‘Romer-G’ switches that have an actuation point of 1.5mm as opposed to the standard 2mm  from the MXs, barring the MX Speed Silver which has an actuation point of 1.2mm. Logitech say that they are guaranteed for 70 million keystrokes and they also say that they are “up to 40% more durable than the top competitor”. 

The G613 also features six dedicated programmable G-Keys that are programmed using ‘LGS’ or ‘Logitech Gaming Software’ which is a piece of software that allows any Logitech G product to be fiddled and tampered with from a software perspective until your heart’s content. I personally use the software for the G29 Racing Wheel and can say it is very useful but does need updating frequently. It’ll be powered by 2AA batteries and the battery life is 18 months according to Logitech’s official website.

Overall, the G613 is aimed at those who want a mechanical keyboard with no wires. It’ll set you back £129.99 ($174.16 or €146.18).