Logitech are one of the premier company’s when it comes to computer accessories, but the Logitech Mechanical Gaming Keyboard G710+ may have been a step too far. They have tried to create a super keyboard, but in doing so have lost out on what makes a mechanical keyboard so beautiful, and the over complication of the custom “G keys” creates problems where there does not need to be any.

Due to the large amount of customisation available with this keyboard, it comes with some very hefty software, software that can be slow and unreliable. Considering this is designed with responsiveness in mind, a second rate piece of necessary software can be a big hindrance.

The product also features some “noise reduction” features that, to be honest, seem to not exist. I like loud keyboards, but there are people out there who do not and who have purchased this expecting quiet keys who have ended up being very disappointed.

However this product is not all bad. While I would not recommend this to general keyboard enthusiasts or gamers who play fast paced FPS or RTS, this customisable G keys can be really useful on RPG or Turn based games.

This is not a bad keyboard, but for the price you would expect a bit more. Logitech have tried to push the boat out with this product, but I think they got a little carried away and lost touch with what makes a good mechanical keyboard.