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Covid-19 and Mechboards

As coronavirus is now starting to impact us too and our ability to get orders out in a timely manner, I thought it best to write a small post explaining our situation, and how it will effect your orders.

Mechboards is ran from our home office. Both me (Ben) and David live together and operate Mechboards out of the middle floor of our house, so there has been very little change to our day to day working lives. We live in a small town in the British countryside, so we are very low risk. However, both getting in stock and sending out orders has now become slower due to reasons outside of our control.

We use Royal Mail to send out orders. As of a few weeks ago, they will now only collect or let us drop off parcels at very strict hours a few days a week. As a result of this, we can only send out orders Tuesday and Friday mornings. So if you were to order something after working hours on a Thursday, it will not get sent out until Tuesday morning. And if you were to order something on Tuesday, it will not be sent out until Friday.

Due to these pretty hectic times, in some cases it also seems to be taking longer for parcels to get delivered, specifically outside the UK. For EU orders, please allow up to 10 working days before contacting us if you have not received it. For orders outside the EU, please allow 2-3 weeks. It should not take this long, but these rare cases seem to be getting more and more common at the moment.

The last thing to talk about is our stock, and when we’ll be getting more. Right now our most commonly asked question is when we’ll be getting something back in stock, and unfortunately the answer is always that we don’t really know. We’re trying our hardest to get everything in stock at all times, but some things that used to take 3-4 days to get delivered now end up taking 2-3 weeks. We’ve had some kits being out of stock simply because it took 3 weeks for us to be able to get 2M 6mm standoffs! You’re still welcome to create a support ticket and ask us, and we’ll be happy to answer, but just know we’ll more than likely not be able to give an accurate answer.

I think that’s all there is for me to say really. I just want to close this out by reminding everyone to stay safe, and be patient. These are trying times for everyone, and the only way we’re going to get through it is together, for better or for worse. See you all on the other side.

Thank you.

Welcome to the new website!

Welcome to the new Mechboards UK website! Did you like the ribbon?

We’ve been working on this website for the last 3 months, and although it’s now live, there may be some little quirks or issues you may find. If you do find anything you think doesn’t seem correct, please get in touch.

This new website was built from the ground up, with the expert help and guidance from Dave who has done an amazing job. We wouldn’t be here without him. You will find all the old products we always had, as well as some new ones. Some images will still be missing until we get all the stock we’re waiting on in hand. Your accounts were moved, but old orders and support tickets are no longer available. They are available on the old website which is still accessible.

COVID update – Post is only being picked up Monday and Thursday at the moment, which will slow down our delivery times. We are still packing orders every day so your order will head out, just a little slower than usual. Thanks for being patient.

Development of the DC-01: Part 1


Thanks for taking the time to read this. This is the first product ever designed by me so there will be a lot of errors and things you may cringe at, but I will definitely learn a lot along the way! I’m a 25 year old Graphic Designer by day and Mechboards is my job evenings and weekends so this will be in the free time I’ve got left at the end of all that. Not much! This is an idea about why or how mechanical keyboards are like Lego pieces, built with precision and a preset plan, then bundled like glued together Duplo blocks. We have the individual pieces that we can personalise to the nth degree, yet are confined to 3/4 main design layouts. If we want to switch between these layouts, we have to buy separate products. It’s like designing your perfect car, the colour you want, engine size, manual or auto, and then, it comes only as a minivan. Even if you picked 2 doors and a V8. Minivan. 450hp? Minivan. Nope. This ain’t right.

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Development of the DC-01: Progress in Pictures

It’s been a long journey getting the DC-01 from a dream into a functioning prototype, and longer still until we can get it into the hands of all the people who want one. But until then, here’s a gallery of the progress made so far!

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