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Covid-19 and Mechboards

As coronavirus is now starting to impact us too and our ability to get orders out in a timely manner, I thought it best to write a small post explaining our situation, and how it will effect your orders.

Welcome to the new website!

Welcome to the new Mechboards UK website! Did you like the ribbon? We’ve been working on this website for the last 3 months, and although it’s now live, there may be some little quirks or issues you may find. If you do find anything you think doesn’t seem correct, please get in touch. This new […]

Development of the DC-01: Part 1

Intro Thanks for taking the time to read this. This is the first product ever designed by me so there will be a lot of errors and things you may cringe at, but I will definitely learn a lot along the way! I’m a 25 year old Graphic Designer by day and Mechboards is my […]

Development of the DC-01: Progress in Pictures


It’s been a long journey getting the DC-01 from a dream into a functioning prototype, and longer still until we can get it into the hands of all the people who want one. But until then, here’s a gallery of the progress made so far!