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The Noppoo Choc Mini might not be the cheapest mini mechanical keyboard, but you definitely won’t be wasting your money if you decide to buy one.

When ever I do a review the first thing I check is the build quality, and this little mech board certainly has plenty of it. It is solid, stable, obviously well designed and has a flawless finish.

Because it is a mini the function keys have been overlapped with your standard keys. Now although this can take a while to get used to if you have not used a mini sized keyboard before, once you figure it all out it is actually very easy to use.

Style wise, it is also very impressive. Not too flashy and not too dull. Enough to look pretty on your desk without drawing any unwanted attention.

The Noppoo Choc Mini can be bought for all the major MX key switches, although in my opinion goes best with the MX Blue switches.

The only real down side to this keyboard is that it can currently only come with an ANSI (US) layout, which can be a little annoying to people used to the UK keyboard layout.

Overall this is a great little board. A tiny bit pricey for a mini in my opinion, but you really do get your moneys worth.