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We've added a Restock Status to all of our products that indicate what happens if those products are out of stock. Restock Status: Coming Soon - This item is new and will be stocked soon Restock Status: Will restock - This item has sold out and will be restocked...

CHERRY MX Board 1.0 Review (CHERRY G80-3816LXBGB-2)

It appears that new CHERRY products are coming thick and fast as the replacement for the CHERRY MX Board 3.0 has been released and comes in the form of the all-new CHERRY MX Board 1.0. As is commonplace for CHERRY products, the new keyboard is presented in a neat...

Development of the DC-01


CHERRY MX Board 3.0 Review (CHERRY G80-3850LXDGB-2)

Please Note: This is a review of the updated version of the old MX Board 3.0 with part code G80-3850LYBGB-2. The differences are that the cable is now fixed and is not detachable. It now also comes with  a different font on the keycaps (as demonstrated in the above...

GMK Metaverse is now live!

Hey! Glad you made it! If you’ve come this far, no point in telling you what needs to be done! We’ve gotta get this set moving, and fast!

We’re back up and running!

After moving all our stock (and us!) we're back up and running, with all pending Gherkin orders being shipped over the next week or so, and fresh orders being shipped as soon as possible!

We’re Moving!

Mechboards is moving office this month. Any orders made before the 12th of June will be packed and sent. Any orders after that will be delayed until we're settled in, which may be 1-2 weeks. Thanks!

Z62 DIY Group Buy Now Live!

Incoming Stock (March 2018)

Kailh BOX Switches, Kailh BOX Heavy Switches, Kailh BOX Thick Click Switches, Kailh Speed Switches, Kailh Speed Pro Switches, Outemu Ice Purple 62g, Outemu Ice Purple 68g, Cherry Restock, Gateron Restock, ALU Cases, Genuine Cherry Stabilisers, Satan PCB's, 75% Kits...
DC-01 Project – Requirements (post 3)

DC-01 Project – Requirements (post 3)

Touch is the most encouraging sense. The blue mould gave me tangible proof that this idea was worth pursuing. There was an abundance of layout options and customisation that was possible just by pulling apart the pieces and rearranging. I just needed to think about...