ECO Ortholinear Kit

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ECO Ortholinear Keyboard Kit – Designed by That-Canadian and
Mr. Bishop. Comes with PCB, ALU Case and screws/standoffs,
Diodes, & Reset Switch. The case is a sandwich style
ALU case. The top and bottom plates are made from 1.5mm aluminium.

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  1. Q1: Is the firmware based on QMK?
    A1: Yes, it runs a firmware that is based on the Let’s Split firmware. Files will be made soon, and the keyboard layout code should be pushed into the main QMK branch by then as well.
  2. Q2: Will the PCB / Case be open source?
    A2: Yes and Yes, both will have files made available soon
  3. Q3: Can you assemble this for me?
    A3: Yes!
  4. Q4: Does the PCB support Alps switches?
    A4: It sure does!

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