Gateron Switches (Pack of 10)

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Available in sets of 10.
If you want enough for a 60% build, order 7 (70 switches).
If you want enough for a full size build, order 11 (110 Switches).
Normal Gateron Switches are (usually) 5-pin. The SMD switches are 3-pin.

Gateron mechanical switches were created to compete with other high quality mechanical switches while being more affordable. All the Gateron switches are of a high quality, rivalling, and arguably even surpassing that of Cherry MX switches. The combination of their lower price yet equally high quality makes the Gateron switches perfect for your custom mechanical keyboard builds.

Switches Stocked:
Blue – Clicky – 55g
Red – Linear – 45g
Brown – Tactile – 45g
Yellow – Linear – 50g
Clear – Linear – 35g
Green – Clicky – 80g
Black – Linear – 60g

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Frequently Asked Question:

Q: Are these switches PCB or plate mountable?
A: These are 5 pin switches making them easy for PCB mounting.

Q: Can I mount these to the plate?
A: Yes, simply by removing the two plastic pins.

Q: Which is the right Gateron switch for me?
A: It’s all personal preference. We do sell switch testers that allow you to feel switches for a small price before making a big purchase. However, Brown is the most popular Gateron switch, so if you are still unsure then that colour would be a safe bet.

Additional Info

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 15 × 5 cm

Blue, Brown, Red, Yellow, Black, Green, SMD Brown, SMD Blue, Clear, SMD Green, SMD Black, SMD Yellow, SMD Red, SMD Clear

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1 review for Gateron Switches (Pack of 10)

  1. Elliot (verified owner)

    **Review for Gateron Greens**

    I think I’ve found my favorite switch.

    I bought Greens to put into an AMJ40 kit but also a couple of other things. I also bought them on the basis of them being heavier Blues.

    I found however that whilst they’re heavier and still a nice click to them, there’s also one of my favorite things from Browns. A good tactile bump!

    Honestly if you’re looking for something like Blues but a little heavier and with some more feedback whilst typing Green are where to go!

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