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Available in Plate Mounted which works with both PCB or Plate Mounted Switches. See Additional Information for review.

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With the QMX-Clip, GMK have attended to one of the last disadvantages of mechanical keyboards, the clicking sound when the keys are activated.

With the QMX-Clip, the perceived sound is reduced by half, which corresponds to a noise reduction of 10db(A).

With this set, existing of 110 QMX-clips PCB mount and the QMX-tool, you easily can refit your mechanical keyboards.

“The “QMX-Clip Plate mount” is compatible with plate mounted MX-switches as well as with PCB-mounted MX-switches.”

Recent Review –

“I think these are pretty great. They can reduce the noise either somewhat or substantially, depending on your keyboard. They do affect the key feel, but not necessarily in a bad way. Objectively, they have two advantages over their competitors, the Zealencios: They are cheaper and easier to put on the switches. They have a greater effect than them, both in noise reduction and in how they affect the key feel, which might be better or worse, depending on what you want out of them.”


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