Vortex Pok3r RGB ISO


Main Specification:
– 60% size keyboard with 62 keys
– Cherry MX Switches
– Programming
– ABS Backlit Keycaps
– Individual LED coding
– 3 layers customization
– Metal bezel

Supplied by Bosse Computers



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The POKER 3 has built in 4-layers. The default layer can not be programmed. Only layer 2~layer 4 can be. FN + R_ctrl, M,<,> and ? keys are fixed can not be programmed.
Step 1. Choose the layer (FN+<,> or ? key) which you want to programming.
Step 2. Press FN + Right CTRL to enter the programming mode (Spacebar right LED steadily lit)
Step 3. Press the key you want to program (Spacebar right LED flashing)
Step 4. Key in the programming content and then press PN (Spacebar right LED steadily lit again)
Step 5. Repeat step 2 and step 3 to program other keys.
Step 6. Press FN + Right CTRL to exit programming mode ( Spacebar right LED off)

– Support FN layer programming, you can select the FN combination key (e.g., FN + A) to program it
– Under SELECT state (step 1), you can press PN + any key to view its content in a word processing Software (e.g., Notepad)
– Support time delay, press 15ms key (FN + T) each time to delay 15ms, press 0.1s key (FN + G) each time to delay 0.1s, press 0.5s key(FN + B) each time to delay 0.5s. Consecutive delay will add up but will only be counted as 1 key stroke.
– Every key can program up to 32 key strokes.
– If there is no key pressed for 15 sec in programming mode, it will exit to normal mode.


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