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Keylice - Alice 65% - Group Buy

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Size 356.89mmx 127.92mm x 35.71mm
Type angle
Front height 18.95mm in the middle, 21.1mm on both sides (including the exposed part of the foot pad: 1.30mm)
Case material 6063 aluminum
Surface process 3.2-inch articulating touchscreen
Anode mesh 150
Plate FR4
PCB Hotswap/Solder


Group Buy Information:
Start: July 4th 2023
End: August 31st 2023
Estimate shipping Q4 2023

NOTE: Order before August to get the wrist rest for free! (No need to basket, it'll be included)

PCB Features

  • No flex cuts
  • PCB thickness: 1.6mm
  • Bluetooth solution: Lotlab solution
  • Connection method: wired, Bluetooth 5.0
  • Switches installation method: Solder, Hot-swap
  • PCB material and process: imported black core immersion gold transparent ink
  • Key layout: multi-layout Alice ( both hot-swap and solder PCB support multi-layout)
  • Support Split Backspace
  • Support Stepped Capslock
  • Replaceable Arrow keys
  • 2.25U Spacebar + 1U Fn can be changed to 2U Spacebar+1.25U Fn

Kit Content

  • Case*1
  • Weight*1
  • PCB*1
  • FR4 Plate*1
  • Poron pad between PCB and plate*1
  • IXPE pad*1
  • Poron bottom pad *1
  • PC battery compartment cover *1
  • Insulation pad*1
  • Insulation pad*1
  • Ipex antenna*2
  • 3000mAh battery*1
  • Keyboard carry bag*1
  • Foot stickers*2 sets
  • Gas silica gel
  • Screws