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LDSA Low Profile Blank Keycaps - Group Buy

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Are you ready for a new low profile, Kailh Choc-compatible keycap? Then let us introduce you to our latest product, the LDSA profile keycap.


LDSA stands for Low profile DSA, so it stands to reason that this keycap is a uniform-profile spherical keycap. The profile was designed by Lowprokb, inspired by the popular DSA keycap profile. It has a deep comfortable scoop, and soft edges to prevent edge pain, and a textured finger contact region to add comfort and prevent slippage.

LDSA is injected molded out of premium PBT plastic, so they are very resistant to the wear and "shining" caused by many hours of typing. The kit includes 50 keycaps in the following sizes:

  • 2x - 1.5u thumbs (horizontal)
  • 4x - 1u thumbs
  • 2x - 1u homing
  • 42x - 1u


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  • These keycaps are intended as a proof of concept. It is the ultimate goal to produce dual-shot legended keycaps, but first the profile must be proven. If you purchase LDSA keycaps, please let us know what you thought of them.
  • As these are first-run samples, there are some small issues with them: 1) the fit of the stems into the keycaps are a bit tight. If you feel they are too tight, the issue is easily mitigated by quick scrape on all 4 sides of the stems with a blade. 2) to keep costs down, the sprues were not removed at the factory, but clipped off by us prior to shipping. There may be small bumps on the sides of the keycaps that you may have to scrape/sand to get perfectly smooth.
  • LDSA keycaps are "choc spaced" meaning they do not share the same outer dimensions of a typical Cherry MX keycap. The switch spacing should ideally be 17(h)x18(w) on your keyboard.