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YMDK Melody 96 Kit

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Melody 96Key Kit from YMDK. Hot swappable ANSI or ISO PCB. USB-C

Comes pre soldered in Layout D, however, the PCB supports all 4 layouts. To change the layout, you need to resolder the hotswap sockets accordingly. We advise to change VIA software to allow custom configuration. (Please see manuals section below)

Hotswap 96 V2 (layout D): ESC F1 direction is same with F2 F3 etc already.Led direction is North except Lshift \| Ralt RCtrl place is south to support 4 layout in one PCB.


Hotswap 96 QMK Manuals:

Hotswap 96 VIA Manuals: (If you want us to use VIA for non hotswap 96 PCB,the keycode for Enter \| need to reversed)