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Switch Biscuit PCB (x25)

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This small PCB fits a single Cherry MX style mechanical keyboard switch and exposes all the connections for easy soldering. Commonly called Switch Biscuits, or sometimes Amoeba or Single Switch PCB.

It's designed for those of you interested in making hand-wired custom mechanical keyboards like the Dactyl Manuform

There are a bunch of of these around, but this one is different in that:

  • It is designed to be used with Kailh hotswap sockets (for solderless removal of keyswitches)
  • It has a slot for a SK6812 MINI-E downward-facing RGB surface mounted LED
  • Allows you to solder the entire key matrix before installing it inside the case. (no need to do this in place)

This design in particular has indentations in each corner so that melted plastic can be used to hold the PCB in place, without the need of glue or screws.

Used in conjunction with MX Kailh Hotswap Sockets and SK6812 Mini-E LED's

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