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Deskmat Designs


900 x 400mm.  This product features a rubber base, cloth top, HD print and a waterproof coating.




Made of superfine fiber braided material, optimized for fast movement while maintaining excellent speed and control during your work or game. 
These Large mouse pads will cover the area for a full-sized keyboard and mouse, providing plenty of room for gaming or office work.
Soft cloth surface with non-slip rubber base ensures precise, accurate mouse control and consistent stability on your desk.
Durable anti-fray rugged stitching surrounds the mouse pad to increase durability.
The water-resistance coating can effectively prevent damage from spilled liquid or other accidents.
When liquid splashes on the pad, it will form into water drops and slide down, you just need to wipe.

900×400 mm


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Technology, Galaxy Eclipse, Polygon 1, Polygon 2, CyberPunk 1, CyberPunk 2, CyberPunk 3