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Ducky Flipper Extra R Gaming Surface


Ducky Flipper Extra R Mouse Pad

The Ducky Flipper Extra R Mouse Pad (DUCKY-FLIPPER-EXTRA-R) covers a broad surface area to help you move with greater freedom and not have to worry about running out of mat under your hand.  The Ducky Flipper Extra R is 800mm long and 350mm wide.  With its expansive coverage, you get to make all-encompassing swipes you never would be able to do with a smaller mouse pad.

Engineered for gaming

It comes with a black microtexture surface specially designed to facilitate fast and accurate mouse movements regardless of whether you use an optical or laser gaming mouse.  A 3mm thickness offers enough cushion for smooth mouse sweeping motions while providing enough protection for your desk’s surface.

Premium build quality

The Flipper Extra R is made of high-quality Jersey fabric, making it both durable and comfortable.  Red stitching around the edges guarantees protection against fraying.  A waterproof top surface means you need not fear about accidental liquid spills from damaging the pad.

Be more competitive. Pair your gaming mouse with the Ducky Flipper Extra R Mouse Pad.

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